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ENTREPRENEURS is an FCP (mutual fund) under French law, approved by the AMF on 2 September 2003.

The fund, eligible for the PEA (Equity savings plan under French law), is invested in a selection of European companies.

We have established a rigorous management process to identify high quality companies with the following characteristics:

  • Leaders in markets with high barriers to entry, preferably growing, and profitable.
  • Of all sizes of capitalisation.
  • A good corporate culture and a good financial situation.
  • Driven by competent, honest, engaged capital leaders we have known for years.
  • We buy the securities of these companies when we deem them undervalued with a potential for appreciation of more than 50% over a three-year horizon.

It is important to focus on our strongest convictions. We therefore invest in a limited number of securities (30 to 50 securities).

The objective of the fund is to achieve a net return in the medium term above the Stoxx Europe Mid 200 Index, dividends reinvested (and the indices of large European stocks). However, our management significantly deviates from this benchmark.

Our fund's performance

Entrepreneurs Mid 200 CAC 40
Net asset value as at 06/08/2020 418.70 € 882.97 € 13533.48 €
Inception* 318.7 % 295 % 172.5 %
2020 -9.6 % -13.1 % -16.7 %
2019 21.7 % 26.4 % 30.5 %
2018 -25.3 % -11.1 % -8.0 %
2017 11.8 % 16.2 % 12.7 %
2016 -2.5 % 1.5 % 8.9 %
2015 9.3 % 17.9 % 11.9 %
2014 -0.3 % 9.0 % 2.7 %
2013 23.2 % 25.2 % 22.2 %
2012 19.1 % 22.6 % 20.4 %
2011 -6.6 % -15.0 % -13.4 %
2010 15.3 % 22.7 % 0.6 %
2009 29.7 % 44.9 % 27.6 %
2008 -27.9 % -46.0 % -40.3 %
2007 11.6 % -5.3 % 4.2 %
2006 27.1 % 30.2 % 20.9 %
2005 46.3 % 31.1 % 26.6 %
2004 27.2 % 21.4 % 11.4 %
2003* 9.8 % 8.8 % 11.5 %

*since October 1, 2003

How to subsribe

Before any subscription, you should carefully read the regulatory documents (KIID, prospectus), which can be downloaded by clicking here:

Documentation EntrepreneursYou can subscribe directly via your financial intermediary by telling them the number of fund units you require and the ISIN code.

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Fund information


Legal form: FCP (mutual fund) under French law

The mutual fund is eligible for the PEA (Equity savings plan under French law)

Classification: International equities. The fund is invested at least 75% in European shares eligible for the PEA (Equity savings plan under French law)

UCITS subject to Directive 2014 91 EU amending Directive 2009 65 EC

Fundamental Approach, Contrarian

Approved on: September 2, 2003

Created on: 1 October 2003

ISIN: A Share class: FR0010007542



Management fees: A Share class: 1.8%

Performance fees: 20% of the mutual fund’s overperformance compared to the change in the Stoxx Europe Mid 200 Index.


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