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Dear investors,


2019 is an important year for our company.

I have decided to combine the activities of Flinvest, a French investment management company founded in 2003, with Preval, an investment management company, based out of Luxembourg and founded in 2014. As of 1 April 2019, Flinvest became “Preval, French Branch”. Our address and contact information remain unchanged.

Preval has now a team of 12 people, including six analyst/fund managers reporting to me, and assets under management of nearly €400 million.

Combining the two teams will enable our analysts/fund managers in Paris and Luxembourg to interact on a daily basis, thereby improving idea generation and management efficiency. Based on the principles of private equity with a contrarian bias, our asset management style is applied to a global universe of liquid companies and assets, and enables us to take advantage of growth wherever it is to be found. In my view, international diversification is very important in today’s complex, macroeconomic environment.

Our product offering can now be divided into four categories:

  • our stock-picking strategy for Europe, via our UCITS Entrepreneurs (ISIN FR0010007542),
  • our stock-picking strategy for international markets, via our UCITS Preval Funds SICAV – World Winners (ISIN A units: LU1132346872 / I units: LU1132347094),
  • our diversified global allocation strategy, via our UCITS Flinvest Diversifié (ISIN AC units: FR0010732792),
  • our customized, dedicated funds.

I will remain fully involved as an investor in our funds and as a long-term shareholder. I am now in charge of supervising all of Preval’s investments. Our mission is unchanged: preserve and increase your capital by applying our contrarian investment approach.

2018 was a difficult year, but the decline was excessive and our companies in the European value sector, many of which are not included in the major indices, as well as in China, are significantly undervalued by historical standards. Despite the rebound we have seen in the early part of the year, I am confident that more performance remains to be uncovered for investors who take advantage of the opportunity to invest or to increase their exposure now, when the market is not uniformly optimistic.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or the Preval team should you require any further information.

Yours faithfully,






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