Asset Allocation

Meeting Investors'needs

We decided to create a global diversified investment range for investors who, like us, are disappointed with the solutions available from the major financial institutions, which are often too close to benchmarks and which generate little performance over the long term.

Our Goal

The aim of our diversified investment is to protect and grow your assets over time.

To do this, we invest in all types of listed assets, whatever their region.

We invest on the basis of a contrarian approach, in quality assets that the fund management team deems to be undervalued.

We focus our investments on our strongest convictions.

If no asset meets our criteria, we will not hesitate to invest in liquid, risk-free products as we await more attractive opportunities. Patience is a must.


We provide customised portfolio management according to your objective and risk appetite.

Asset allocation From 0 to 100%
Bond allocation From 0 to 100%
Cash allocation
From 0 to 100%

Such tailored investments may take the form of dedicated funds and/or mandates through a bank account or life insurance policy held with the company of your choice.

Direct access to the fund management team to meet your needs and answer your questions.

Please contact us for more information on this offer.